Clinical Ethics eSimulation Scenario

Risks to the Fetus


Ethical uncertainties are common in the context of pregnancy, largely because there are potentially multiple competing interests. Many of these uncertainties centre on tensions between what is perceived to be best for the health of the pregnant woman, and how this relates to possible risks or harms to the developing fetus.

This eSimulation learning package is designed to help you understand these issues in relation to a case study involving Karin, who is attending antenatal appointments. The issues presented in this case are relevant to a range of health practitioners, irrespective of specialty.

Karin’s story is divided into three parts. As a health practitioner following Karin along the care continuum, you will interact with aspects of the scenario and make decisions about Karin’s care throughout. At the end of the three parts, you will be able to print a certificate which you can keep as a record that you have successfully completed the learning package.