Karin’s outcome

View the outcome of Karin’s story below.

Karin decides to continue the pregnancy and forego chemotherapy for another three weeks, in order to deliver at 31 weeks to reduce the baby’s risks of prematurity-related complications.

Karin delivers her baby Sam, at 31 weeks gestation. He is admitted to NICU and requires ventilation for the first few days of life, but ends up doing well and goes home at eight weeks of age on formula feeds.

On follow up he is thriving and meets normal developmental milestones.

Karin goes on to receive full dose chemotherapy and achieves a full bone marrow remission. She has a successful bone marrow transplant.

In the following videos, Dr Daniel Challis of the Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney, discusses the importance of engaging pregnant women in healthcare decision-making, the role of information framing in how decisions are arrived at, and concerns that arise where women feel their care needs are not being met.

Dr Daniel Challis

“How important is it to engage women in decision-making about their pregnancy, and how do we empower them to do so?”

Dr Daniel Challis

“How important is the framing of the information you provide to patients, and how does it impact on decision making?”

Dr Daniel Challis

“What concerns arise if we are unable to meet the care needs of women, as they themselves understand those needs to be?”